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Release Info

Releasing 16th April 2019 on Pipe & Pochet (@pipeandpochet / fb.com/pipeandpochet)

Tebra’s productions are absolutely flawless and strike you with an unimaginable journey. With such a powerful producer, Pipe & Pochet curated a powerhouse team for this release. Anatolian Sessions, Elfenberg, Holed Coin, and The Oddness on remix duties for the Vedro Nebo EP. Enjoy these versions as it will bring a unique dimension in each piece.

  • Release date:29 April 2019
  • Released Name:Pipe & Pochet
  • Record Label:Ham Dan (zlivkun)
  • Artwork By:
  • Mastered by:Daniel Dubb
  • Track:Sila (Holed Coin Remix)
  • Artist
  • Re-mixer:Holed Coin
  • Catalog: