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Anton Voroshilov aka @vorosh is from Krasnodar, Russia. Since early childhood Vorosh was very interested in music and listened to it on his favourite reel-to-reel recorder.

After he graduated from the music school, he mastered several instruments, studied music literature and connected with classics. Later he realized that his true love was electronic music so he switched to it.

At first, he just used to listen and collect the music of the most famous electronic music composers. He soon started got interested in the art of mixing and after learning special literature he mastered different ways of mixing and only after all the knowledge he gained, he tried to compose his own tracks.

To compose music, he tried a lot of different DAWs but in the end found Ableton Live to be the most comfortable. Currently he spends a lot of time to composing Deep, Minimal and Techno style music.His commitment, dedication and versatility within underground music and playing/composing anything from Deep, Tech, Minimal, all the way to Techno, has allowed him to perform at different local clubs in Russia, hypnotizing and addicting everyone. Watch out for his future releases, they will definitely blow your mind.

You can check out his releases on the following labels:
Wavetech Music, High Pro-File Recordings, minim.all, Sa Trincha Recordings, Moonfire Music Lab, Hero In My Hood, Cimelde, Kunststoff Fernseher, LW Recordings, eMBi Music, Divine Techno Records, MANDMS Music , Datenbits Recordings, Tech You Very Much!.

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