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Born in 1984 in Tehran, Iran and being interested in music from early childhood Nesa Azadikhah ( @nesaazadikhah / )started learning two traditional Iranian Musical instruments, tonbak and daf.

At an early age of 16 she started playing in underground parties as a DJ and after seven years she decided to put her complete focus on music production. Nesa has a weekly podcast in RJ Radio , a very popular iranian radio. The podcasts include different music styles including deep house, electronic, techno and tech house.
Nesa has also collaborated with other artists to produce music for video arts. Playing live music in exhibitions in prestigious galleries in Iran and Dubai has broadened her audience even more .Jorjani gallery, mohsan gallery and sound art gallery in tehran and IVDE gallery in Dubai are to name a few.

She Used Two Of Her Original Track For UK’s art radio station Resonance104.4FM. and did a podcast For MI4L (Music For Lovers ) Nesa is One Of The Ten Dj’s In Frisky Loves Iran .


1. Jah-One – Morning Friends
2. Kleintierschaukel feat. Juliette & C. Mayr – Nous (Original Mix)
3. Koelle – Mountains Of Dewa
4. Yokoo – Vali (Original_Mix)
5. Phonogenic, Life on Planets – Showers (Original Mix)
6. D.core – Cesaria Romania (Original Mix)
7. Dwig – Orange Evening
8. Rampue – Wilderness_Feat_Rosa_Lux_&_I`m_Not_A_Band_(Just_Emma´s remix)
9. Anton Feine – The Sun

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