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MoM, DJ based out the Andalusia’s city of Cordoba. His first experiences with mixing vinyls was back in 1989 when he was attracted by acid house music and the latest pieces on funky and disco music. His first professional experience at a DJ booth was around techno music at clubs like Teiker and Plató, two of the most renowned clubs in Cordoba.

After a few years of working and achieving good results he decides to create Carta de Ajuste Comunicación ,his own Management and Marketing agency. During this period he performed sessions in Córdoba, Sevilla, Tarifa, Caños de Meca, Marbella, Madrid, along with various cities around Spain.
His sessions were mainly based on house and tech-house but in 2009 he rediscovered his passion for deep house and started playing with darker sounds and slower speeds.
This is where his Chic ́n ́deep sessions were born, full of depth, slowed down below 120 BPM.

As it happens to him with life, when it comes to music MoM learns by enjoying the process and not paying too much attention to the objective.

Join him in his musical journey as his mantra is encapsulated in one word that is LOVE.

Type: Mixed Set
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Soundcloud: @mommusic


1. La ciudad duerme – Familia Membrives
2. Francesco Chiocci feat. Black Soda – Black Sunrise (Original Mix)
3. Frank and TonyFeat. Bob Moses – Holding On
4. Abbesses – Qeparo (Original Mix)
5. Bedouin and LUM – Dionysus
6. Brimer – Beauté (Original Mix)
7. Geju – Niv
8. As Tintos – Chamado de oxossi (Carrot Green Remix)
9. Dialogue – Slick Steve (Satori Remix)
10. Sohn – Lights (Gab Rhome feat. Demetrius rework)
11. Kntrl – Night Shifts (Original Mix)

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