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leschueft (Vienna, Austria) is an up and coming DJ, with a passion for harmonic mixing. Above all, he loves to listen to new tracks, figure out how best to align them in his next set and share the fruits of his labour with the world <3

Part of the Heimlich Collective (@heimlichaufsc), he and his friends are spreading the love of Downtempo in and around Vienna by organising parties in cozy venues or in the open air and by bringing their favourite Downtempo-DJs to Vienna. They also just started their own podcast series, where Oberst & Buchner made the debut.

Type: Mixed Set
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Soundcloud: @leschueft



1 The Revenant Start (Main Theme Atmospheric)
2 Iorie Harika Gece (Original Mix)
3 Niju, Rodrigo Gallardo, Spaniol Manquemapu (Original Mix)
4 Dandara Rio Negro (Original Mix)
5 Hraach Dle Yaaman (116 Deep Mix)
6 Spaniol Rio Japura na paulicéia (Original Mix)
7 Luca Musto Amalv (Original Mix)
8 Anton Feine The Sun (Original Mix)
9 José Larralde Quimey Neuquen (Be Svendsen Edit)
10 Bernstein Álom (Unmastered)
11 Bonnie & Klein Singularity (Original Mix)
12 Chris Schwarzwälder, Mira (Berlin) Leila (Original Mix)
13 Good Guy Mikesh, Filburt Gold Snake (Original Mix)

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