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Kevin Dantas, Canadian born with Portuguese descent has been a long time lover of good music and messing around with waveforms. Kevin’s style can be anywhere from downtempo, electronica, to tribal tech house. According to Kevin he is very much a mixed bag, his styles range wildly depending on the situation and how he’s feeling. It’s in his nature, he doesn’t sit still and neither do his sets or mixes. There’s a relationship between his soul, the songs he chooses and what the listeners move or nod to – what he feels they’d like to hear, what he thinks they need to hear, and a touch of what he’d like to introduce them to. For this podcast he wanted to give it his all and for it to be a true representation of himself as an artist. and where he currently stands in his life. . The mix will slowly take control, then take a step back and become more introspective. This mix is his realization, acceptance, and reflection of self, and he then teaches himself lessons with his track selection.

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